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Are you searching for a CrossFit Gym that…

  • Has a coaching staff that will always remembers your name,
  • Helps you to feel unintimidated to expand your boundaries,
  • Knows why you walked through our doors an works hard to help you reach your goals,
  • Will allow you to discover friendships and establish relationships that will make you want to be better,
  • Will find out what keeps you coming back,
  • And inspires YOU to grow and will empower you to feel invincible…in everything you face.

Nevermore CrossFit is here to guide you through your fitness journey with a knowledgeable team of coaches and a highly motivating community!


“I joined Nevermore in November of 2015. I have worked out at about 8 different CrossFit gyms over the past 6 years and find the coaches at Nevermore to be some of the best. The programing is top notch. The community is one of the greatest assets of Nevermore. Members are friendly and helpful and genuinely want to see other members succeed. Between the quality of the coaches and the strength of the community, you can add some serious Flex Appeal to any dad bod!”

Chris B.

“I was so nervous about starting CrossFit since I have never done any sort of work out remotely like it before. But the staff and community are so welcoming and helpful! The workouts are constantly changing so I never get bored (a common problem for me with other workouts I have tried) and it is so fun seeing real results in a pretty short period of time!”

Ariella S.

“Really can’t think of a better place to workout — the coaches are excellent, the people are friendly and encouraging. Everyone there values community and works to maintain a friendly, helpful, and encouraging atmosphere. This is not a hyper-competitive, clique-ish kind of environment. The people there know how to be competitive and push each-other while keeping it cordial and inviting. Love it!!!”

Ryan D.

“Fibromyalgia symptoms is what has settled into my body after an infection of Lyme disease. Consequently, I easily sprain all my ligaments, and am prone to long-healing injuries. When I started with Nevermore Crossfit I had excruciating neck pain from carrying my infant, that prevented me from turning my head and lifting my arm free of strain. We spent a considerable amount of time, with very careful neck stretching and excersizes, repairing the damage. I am so grateful, and feel confident going back should my ligaments become sprained again.”

Mary S.

Our 3 Step CrossFit Training & Nutrition Coaching Process

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How a CrossFit Coach Can Help You

Our coaches work to build human connections through fitness that encourages fun,
inspires action, and realizes your TRUE potential.