2021 Nevermore Intramural Open: Captains, Info, Scoring & Rules

Meet Your 2021 Nevermore Intramural Open Team Captains

Team Captain Drafting:

  • Team Captains will draft their team on Monday, February 15th at 7pm via Zoom (link to be provided)
  • Team Captains will receive a roster of all currently enrolled athletes, with necessary information, prior to the draft
  • “First Round Picks” will be on Sunday! We’ll pick a draft order out of a hat at 12pm and report to the Captains!  Once the order is chosen, Team Captains may choose ONE already enrolled member to be their “assistant” for the draft to assist on Monday evening.
    • Team Captains will report back in the text chain, in the order they were chosen, who their first pick and assistant will be.
  • There will be NO trades in the Nevermore Intramural Open!
  • If a member signs up after the draft date, Team Captains will all be made aware at the same time, and that member will be a free agent until a they have agreed the the team that has claimed them.  Once approved by the member, the team who claimed them will get them added to their roster.
    • If a Team Captain, or their team convinces someone to sign up – who hasn’t already done so – specifically to be on their team, they can be “signed” to that team without becoming a “free agent”. 

Intramural Open Scoring:

(Open Flyer Listed Below)

  1. Weekly Zoom call: Live broadcast of the Open Announcement at 8pm, each Thursday:

NOTE: This is the first time we’re attempting this – so, it may OR MAY NOT work as planned.  Please hang in there with us, as we deal with any potential technical difficulties on the first Thursday night!

    • For every team who has 5+ people on the call, you’ll receive an extra 5 points.
    • Members need to be on for the ENTIRETY of the workout announcement (but can hop off the call after the workout is announced. IE- You do not need to watch athletes perform, if you don’t want to).
  1. Completing and Logging Scores via the Google Form Provided.
    • Everyone who logs their score each week will receive 1 point for their team.
    • Scores MUST be submitted by Monday at 8pm in order to count
  2. Weekly Member Voted, “Spirit of 21.___ Individual:
    • This person will receive an extra 3 points for their team. 
    • This will be based on heart, motivation, drive and / or performance.
      • Votes will be taken each week and run from Sunday 2pm – Monday at 8pm.
  3. Weekly Admin Team (Kristin, Stephen & Kevin) voted “Team Spirit” winner:
    • Based on each week’s theme.
    • The team who takes this will get an extra 5 points for that week.

The Nevermore Community will be updated by WEDNESDAY of each week, in regards to point standings for all teams!

Weekly Themes:

  • WEEK 1 – March 11th, 2021 – THEME: “ Rock and Roll”
  • WEEK 2 – March 18th, 2021: THEME: “ Luck of the Irish”
  • WEEK 3 – March 25th, 2021: THEME: “ Olympics”

Opportunities to Workout:

  • Friday Classes: At EVERY Friday class, the day following the announcement
  • Friday Night Lights: IF the weather allows it, on the Mini Turf (to be announced weekly)
  • “Sunday Funday”: 11am every Sunday will be a designated pre-register class, which will be coached, and we will run the Open Workout!  1pm every Sunday will be a designated pre-register OPEN GYM time period, where members can show up and do the workout together UNCOACHED.

Post-Open Celebration & Awards Ceremony:

  • Friday, April 9th at 6pm at the Mini Turf – Food & Drinks, Community Fun and Awards! 

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