Angie and I just got back from another one of our roadtrips. When we travel for an extended period, we typically like to combine some camping, some AirBnB’s and a visit or two with old friends, along with a healthy dose of outdoors activities. We don’t focus on CrossFit, or even fitness really, but rather using the fitness we’ve established in the gym to adventure in other ways.
As we approach home and begin to recap each trip, inevitably the best part for both of us is one of the new outdoors undertakings we experienced. If you’re new to Nevermore or haven’t known me for a while, you might think this sort of thing comes naturally to me. Truth is, as a kid and even as an adult into my 30’s, the outdoors were NOT my playground. Back then you’d likely find me on a softball field or in a bar. But now that we’ve started planning these little excursions I can’t wait for the next one.
The thing is, having picked up this passion later in life, I’m always a little reluctant or intimidated when we first set out. I have excitement for sure, but also a bit of fear. Fear of failing. Fear of looking stupid in front of other people. Fear of getting eaten by a bear or a shark, or stepping on a rattlesnake, or falling off a cliff. I read in an article recently, “It takes skill to have no idea what you’re doing outdoors.” Damn if that doesn’t apply to me. Angie gets on me for selling myself short. And then we push through. And when we do it is the BEST feeling. New accomplishments, new experiences, epic views, meeting awesome new people.
In the same article I read, “it takes finesse to be a good beginner in the land of hardcore athletes. (But) It’s not really about competitiveness; it just seems like if you love doing something and do it enough times, you get to go faster or achieve harder things. This is how progress and goals work, no?”
It occurred to me that this exactly what a lot of us feel when we start with CrossFit or when we look around at the athletes who have been at this sport for a lot longer than us. But one of the best parts of being at Nevermore is that you are forced to hang out with these folks. And they turn out to be the ones who want to help beginners love the sport! You don’t encounter the egos you’d expect, because the skilled members know their accomplishments precede them or they simply let them speak for themselves.
I guess the lesson here is this: Don’t let fear of failure or intimidation or possibly looking awkward stop you! Not at Nevermore, not if you try a new sport, not in your everyday life. My Bright Spot is the magical starry sky and epic sunset that Angie and I continue to find only by expanding the boundaries of our comfort zone. Bring on the next ADVENTURE!
What is your Bright Spot this week?!…