Alyssa Zagar
  • Certificates Held: CrossFit Level 1, ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Likes: Heavy barbell, Pizza, A good IPA
  • Dislikes: Burpees, burpees, burpees – always and forever

Born in the USA, and forged in the ancient white city of Belgrade, Serbia, Alyssa began her CrossFit journey in 2015.

Since the age of 2, her first ”coach” Gagi, saw in her the raw athleticism of a professional athlete and freakish coordination rivaled only by Novak Djokovic. She was stronger than all of the other kids. She always preferred dumbbells over dresses and burpees over barbies. 

Her involvement in martial arts (for 10 years), soccer, tennis, swimming, track and field, and rowing on a national level proved that she was extremely competitive and dedicated.

As a part of a track and field training regimen, she learned Olympic weightlifting techniques that would prove valuable in her later CrossFit years.

Alyssa decided to move to the United States in 2018 to pursue studies in physical fitness and to step up her game as a CrossFit athlete and coach. 

Alyssa says, “Finding and joining Nevermore was the best decision I could have made. From the workouts that are always challenging, but SUPER fun, to the coaches who are always there to help out, and of course the AMAZING community. Nevermore has helped me gain back my confidence, making me a better athlete, coach, and friend.  Since I love working out, you will most likely see me in the gym in the AM and PM, and if you ever want to do a workout, I am always up for another one!”