Angie Lutz
  • Certificates Held: Crossfit Level 1, Licensed Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Likes: The great outdoors, Chloe (her dog…), Chunk (her other dog…)
  • Dislikes: Trump, Humidity, Litter

Angie Lutz has been a lifelong fitness enthusiast. Growing up, Angie played multiple sports – and at times, two sports in a day. As she got older she tried every form of working out and racing. Angie loved adventure races before they became popular and too crowded.

Angie says, “I have always enjoyed any type of physical activity and was constantly experimenting with the new thing. It wasn’t until I discovered CrossFit with a group of women working out of a friend’s garage, that I found something that would stick (for about 10 years now). Although I still enjoy all types of physical activity CrossFit has remained a constant.

I like to say that Crossfit has played a huge part in saving my life. I have had 3 battles with cancer and I am now a stage four cancer “thriver”. I have been through multiple treatments and every time I Crossfit myself through my treatments. CrossFit helped me build and maintain the muscle I needed to recover and stay active. I truly believe that the Crossfit methodology helps people age gracefully. I remember in my Level 1 the one instructor talking about his parents living until they were 85 but the last 10 years of life they weren’t able to live alone because they needed assistance standing walking etc. That story has stuck with me and I feel as though this is the golden ticket to remaining independent throughout life. What better reason to CrossFit?