Box Etiquette

“Don’t Be A Nevermoron”

    We may be a cult, but we’re not a clique 😉 Help get the newbies through their first-timer anxiety. We are different because we have become like family. Open the door to the energy that new members bring…we can break their stones after they join!
    Come to class. Consistently. Participate in clinics and specialty classes. You can always learn something…or teach something. Socialize outside the box. Compete, even if it’s only in the local affiliate league. If you make connections in here I promise your results will increase many-fold!
    Take ownership…in your technique, in tracking your results, in improving your Range of Motion, in holding yourself and your fellow athletes accountable, in your eating habits, in celebrating your accomplishments. “Winning” the WOD on the whiteboard does not mean having the top score. It means doing every rep. It means doing every rep properly. It means pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits. It means doing today what felt impossible yesterday.
    Take pride in the box. Respect the equipment, keep things neat and be on time. But don’t be proud…don’t let ego dictate your experience. Fellow athletes recognize and respect humility and determination. Compete with yourself first. Get better every day. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, compare yourself to yesterday! Believe me…nobody cares what your score was. Everybody cares that you didn’t quit or that you didn’t let someone else quit. Be coachable. Be positive. Be someone that YOU want to work out with!
    Be yourself always! Let your guard down in here. Be ready to break yourself down physically, mentally, emotionally. You will come out stronger on the other side. Be vulnerable to be better. Laugh at yourself and I promise we will all laugh together. There’s only one way to get through this and turn it into a productive habit…don’t take a workout or yourself too seriously! We will work our asses off and we will teach you proper form and movement and we will keep you safe. And on top of all of that, we will have a damn good time. Enjoy the ride!
  • Use Chalk Properly
    Chalk is available to help you grip the barbell or a kettlebell or the pull-up bar when life gets sweaty. But there is no need to do your best LeBron James imitation and go for the dust cloud. Keep your hands inside the bucket while chalking and try to keep the chalk in the chalk bag…you only need a little. Don’t move the bucket during a workout or knock the bucket over.
  • Be Nice to the Equipment
    If you’ve sweated on the equipment, bled on the equipment or cried on the equipment, wipe it down. Aside from being on obvious point of hygiene, it really isn’t a pleasant sensation to grab a wall ball that’s wetter than a new born baby, or sit your ass down on an abmat that might as well have been placed against the bare skin of the person before you.
  • Don’t drop the barbell
    if there are no plates on the bar nor when you’re stripping the plates. When you are cleaning up, save your coach from a brain aneurysm and strip down your barbell properly. This means you should lift the barbell and slide the plates off of it, then place it back on the floor…don’t just let it crash to the ground. This is how they get damaged.
  • Don’t ghost ride.
    Ghost riding refers to the phenomenon of dropping barbells, kettlebells and all manner of equipment from overhead, regardless of the situation or weight. This is important because dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells with thin plates can bounce when dropped from overhead and ricochet into yourself and other athletes. While it is very satisfying to hear the crash of the weights against the floor, try to reserve the sensation for the strictly heavy lifts.
  • Be on Time
    Some gyms have burpee penalties for a late arrival and others simply turn an athlete away if they turn up 5 minutes after class has started. We don’t believe in punishments. We want this to be the BEST hour of your day, so remember, classes run in a box, and people pay good money to attend them and get their hours’ worth of fitness and instruction. There are few other things more annoying than watching a straggler turn up and think they can just jump into class as if nothing has happened. Have enough respect for your classmates and coaches to arrive on time.
  • Be a Teammate
    Cheer for the “last man standing” in a workout.  It stinks to be last and we’ve all been there. We are all in a rush to put away our things (we appreciate that) and get moving on to the next part of our day. But we are a community, and we support one another. Give that last person a little extra help and cheer them on. It will make their day better and yours as well!  Then a team effort clean-up will take just a minute or two if everyone helps out!