Between the initial stages of outfitting our soon-to-be-campervan and the arrival of Labor Day weekend, I got to thinking a little about vacations. Specifically, how much we look forward to getting away but often come out the other side needing a “vacation from our vacation”. This ever happen to you?
You look forward to your week or two away for months. Sitting on a beach with a margarita or hiking in a national park or just chillin in some exotic locale. But once you’re there, besides your geography, not much changes. You’re still connected to Facebook or Instagram. Or worse, to work. Your kids are still driving you mad. And if it’s somewhere you’ve been before, you likely fall into a routine…the very thing a vacation is supposed to help you break.
Author Ryan Holiday sums it up this way: “We think we can escape from our job. From our problems. From our depression. From our low-grade dissatisfaction with our ordinary lives. But…after the rush wears off…we don’t feel any different. We brought ourselves with us…the true source of our unhappiness.”
The challenge then, is to change YOU. And that’s where Nevermore can fit in. Leave work behind, for at least an hour each day and embrace the workout and your friends at the gym. View the crazier workouts or one of our specialty classes as something novel. Doing anything NEW improves our memory, makes us happy, AND motivates us. Use our social gatherings to become a tourist in your own town…there are mini “vacations” all around that you may never encounter on your own. It’s all designed to help you GROW.
Make every day a vacation because regardless of where you are, YOU are still YOU. Once you become happy with your day-to-day, a vacation will truly be just that…an opportunity to experience a true disconnect and a sense of novelty in a heightened environment.
Labor Day is a holiday held in honor of working people. My Bright Spot this weekend is celebrating Leisure Day, my new holiday held in honor of vacationing people. Who’s with me?
What is your Bright Spot this week?