Our friend who delivers mail to our house is Sherry. In the past, I would have thought of Sherry as our mail lady. But when she was not on her route for a couple of weeks I realized that she was more than simply someone who performs a service for me and my neighbors. We share short conversations. We share smiles and hellos. We share enthusiasm about great weather days and fist bumps on crappy ones. I oddly missed the “mail lady’ when she was gone. Alas, she’s back and thankfully has been been getting some treatment on her legs after 23 years of walking a route.
People think of me as a “people person”. I don’t really know the definition of “people person” but I suppose for me it’s about finding joy in forming relationships…with people at the gym, with friends of friends, with people like Sherry who reside on the periphery of my life, with strangers. I read this recently on a blog: “Whether it is the person holding the door, someone sharing the elevator, or the person serving them coffee, socially intelligent people acknowledge them and show them respect.” The world is small.
People have a funny way of coming in and out of our lives. Don’t let those people fade into the background. Magic is everywhere and everyone is capable of making it.
My Bright Spot is putting down my screens and lifting up my eyes this week…I’m saying hello to everyone I encounter, because there is a chance that it can be a memorable moment for the person on the receiving end. And it might just help me grow my tribe. And THAT might just give more meaning to MY life, because helping people is the ultimate goal.
It’s the exact same approach we take at Nevermore. Our only job at the gym is to leave each person better than we found them, because doing good to others is always the right thing to do. Maybe being a “people person” is simply bringing out the best in others.
What is your Bright Spot this week?