Cynthia Polasko- Athlete Spotlight

This month(s) athlete spotlight goes directly to Cynthia Polasko! Cynthia frequents the 6:30pm class, and is a wonderful athlete. She’s come a long way since she started, but her attitude is always great, she listens to the coaches, and always works hard. Constantly striving to be better overall, including working on her weaknesses, we thought Cynthia deserved the spotlight!

Here’s more about her and her Nevermore fitness journey!

What brought you to Nevermore?

  • I had moved up to Towson from Annapolis and needed a new gym.  Crossfit sounded new and interesting.  Also, I need someone to tell me what I’m doing at the gym every time, or I end up on the elliptical for ten minutes and calling it good, so I was excited about the WODs.  I gave Nevermore a shot because of the good reviews!

What was your first impression, and has it changed at all?

  • I was impressed with how friendly everyone was!  And how not-intimidating the whole situation was between Foundations and starting the classes, even though there’s a lot about CrossFit that can be intimidating (hello, super strong fast humans and giant weight plates and big metal rigs and the assault bike).  The only thing that’s changed is that, in addition to everyone being friendly and super supportive, I also know that everyone is kind of nuts.  Which is a good thing!

What are you most proud of so far?

  • I have RX’ed a workout!  I have RX’ed MORE than one workout!  I’m also proud that I keep showing up, even on days when I’d rather go home from work and drink wine.

What are you working on next?

  • Toes to bar would be awesome!  Also, my squat form needs more work, because the coaches are all tired of telling me not to lean forward.  And like everyone else, I want a pull-up.

What is you favorite Nevermore memory?

  • Oh man.  We’re a bunch of fools, it’s hard to pick.  The 2016 in-house open being decided by rock-paper-scissors was pretty excellent.  And that time Emily finished all of 17.3 during the Open.  And the time Dave called the Monday 6:30pm class the CrossFit Pixies.  I’m going to make that hashtag stick if it kills me

What do you do for a living?

  • I’m an attorney at Bowie & Jensen, LLC, which is a full-service business law firm in Towson.  I’m in the litigation department, but we handle transactional matters as well.

What is your favorite super hero?

  • Captain America.  If we’re talking super villains, I’m on the Loki bandwagon.

Whats your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

  • Boneless buffalo wings.  Or buffalo chicken pizza.

If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

  • Is flying cliche?  Because flying would be awesome.

What is your favorite Crossfit movement?

  • Power snatch.