Featured Athlete- Dave Rogosky

Dave Rogosky- Also known as “Frito” is an early riser. You may see him in the evening from time to time, but for the most part he attends early morning classes. He is a hard worker, a long time member, and a great addition to our community. He is always willing to help out newcomers! We love having Dave as part of the community. Next time you see him congratulate him on being our featured athlete and say hi!

I asked Dave a few questions a while back, and check out his answers!

 What brought you to Nevermore?

  • Kevin is my cousin, he introduced me to CrossFit and was kind enough to allow me to join the Nevermore community

What was your first impression and has it changed?

  • I loved both the group dynamic, the coaching aspect, the workout variety, and the intensity, as I found it very difficult duplicating these benefits working out on my own or in a “regular” class at the gym, these benefits still exist for me today after 4 years

What are you most proud of so far?

  • I am most proud of sticking with it for 4 years and not giving up, I started out in not the best of shape and giving up would have been very easy to do

What are you working on next?

  • Nothing specific, just continuing to work on my shoulder and hip mobility and continuing to keep a regular workout schedule

What is your favorite Nevermore memory?

  • Seeing Angie return to the gym after being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and speaking to her about her positive outlook, it was quite humbling and inspiring

What do you do for a living?

  • I work as a consultant in Accounting and I recently started a fitness app business

What is your favorite super hero?

  • I would say Superman

Whats your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

  • Just one? Definitely French fries, hamburgers, and pizza

If you could play any sport professionally what would it be and why?

  • Soccer, I used to play and I love the team aspect, the constant movement, and I am too much of a wimp to play a sport like football or hockey

What is your favorite Crossfit movement?

  • I don’t have a favorite but I love the Olympic lifting movements because they test my hip and shoulder mobility the most and I feel like they help me improve my overall fitness level the most.

CONGRATS Dave, and thanks for making us better!