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A Top Gym Utilizing the CrossFit Methodology in Baltimore, MD

Searching for motivation to start or elevate your fitness journey?


Are you brand new to the idea of a fitness routine?


Are you unsure of the CrossFit methodology?


Are you nervous about joining group fitness classes and want some guidance before jumping in?


Have you been through a major life event and need help with fitness?


Are you a current or former athlete looking for fun and effective workouts?

Nevermore Fitness & Wellness is here to guide you through your fitness journey with a knowledgeable team of coaches and a highly motivating community!

What our members are saying…

“Great gym, knowledgeable coaches and a positive community of athletes. Everyone is friendly, supportive & encouraging. As a women, I feel empowered and strong doing Crossfit. The workouts always kick your butt and you can’t help but come back for more pain & gain!”

Eleonora Don-Minevich

“I was so nervous about starting CrossFit since I have never done any sort of work out remotely like it before. But the staff and community are so welcoming and helpful! The workouts are constantly changing so I never get bored (a common problem for me with other workouts I have tried) and it is so fun seeing real results in a pretty short period of time!”

Ariella S.

“I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for something new and challenging. The group of coaches and athletes are supportive in every way and will push you to go beyond your comfort zone. I’m learning new lifts and techniques every class through the varied workouts.”

Elmer Rodriguez

How Functional Fitness Training Can Help You

Our coaches work to build human connections through fitness that encourages fun, inspires action, and realizes your TRUE potential.