Intramural Open 22.1- RESULTS!

WEEK 1 HAS COME AND GONE! The theme this past week was “REP YOUR TEAM”, and did all of our teams SHOW UP or WHAT?!

We kicked it off, Thursday night with a THROWDOWN between Coaches Neil & Jake, and had a KILLER cheering section at the gym, and from the livestreams on Instagram and our Community Facebook page! In the end, Jake (7+1) took the “W” over Neil (6+23) – and they got everyone ready to go for 22.1!

Before we head into Week 2 (announcement tomorrow at 3pm- watch HERE!) here are the current standings for our Intramural Open, along with everyone who received EXTRA POINTS (click the image for a larger PDF)!


This Week’s Theme: DECADES THROUGHOUT THE YEARS! Get creative, and let’s see what we’ve got!

THURSDAY THROWDOWN: This week’s THROWDOWN will be between Coaches Katie, Kendall & Alyssa, at 7pm on THURSDAY NIGHT! You’ll be able to come cheer them on at the gym, or watch via livestream on the @Nevermore_Wellness Instagram page, or via our Community Facebook Page for members!

Also, don’t forget to join us post Throwdown for pizza & beverages to say “see ya later” to Diana Bean, who will be sadly leaving us for her DREAM JOB in Texas! We’re happy for you, Diana – but, sad to see you go!

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Join EMCEE & Coach Kat for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, beginning at 5:30pm, at the gym – for Open workout 22.2, on Friday! You can do the workout during class times, or sign up for a spot at Friday Night Lights on Push Press! Already complete the WOD? Come and hang out, eat & drink and cheer on your fellow Nevermorons as they hit 22.2! Friends and family are welcome :-D!

Way to go, this week, everyone! Looking forward to everyone bringing the HEAT again for Week 2!