Intramural Open 22.2- RESULTS!

WEEK 2 Challenged us with MANY deadlifts and burpees, and everyone brought their A GAME to conquer this WOD! We loved watching everyone push through (without killing their backs!) and hitting goals they set for themselves – and can’t wait to see what energy everyone brings for week 3!

Before we head into Week 3 (announcement tomorrow at 3pm- watch HERE!) here are the current standings for our Intramural Open, along with everyone who received EXTRA POINTS (click the image for a larger PDF)! Everyone has been seriously BRINGING IT, and we are HERE FOR IT!


This Week’s Theme: SUPERHEROES! Which team is going to take t to the next level?!

(Rumor has it we’ve already seen some flying around the gym – have YOU seen them?!)

THURSDAY THROWDOWN: This week we’ve got a special BATTLE OF CLASSES for you! We’re giving the Coaches a break, and throwing in members who have volunteered their Thursday evening to test out 22.3 FIRST, at multiple levels!

Representing 5am: Stacy Reynolds!

Representing 6am: Sandy Martin!

Representing 7am: Angie McDonald!

Representing 9:30am: Sean Miller!

Representing 4:30pm: Mike Morgan!

Representing 5:30pm: Wally (pending workout!)

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Join EMCEE & Coach Kat for our LAST FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS of the 2022 Open, beginning at 5:30pm, at the gym! We want to send the Open out with a BANG, so we want make Friday night HUGE! Get in here, bring food and drink and your loudest cheers, and let’s say ADIOS to the 2022 Open together!

Way to go, this week, everyone! Let’s bring the heat again, for Week 3! Get in here Thursday night, go big in your classes, bring the heat for FNL, and let’s have some more fun!