HELLLOOOOOOO Nevermorons, 


Before we get into heats and stations, and some fun announcements, here is some important information we’d like you to remember for tomorrow:

  • A lot of us haven’t been working out the way we’ve been in the past, pre-Murph.  We are ENCOURAGING athletes to scale tomorrow’s workout – even if it’s different than that of what is programmed for your “normal” level.  Please be safe, listen to your body, and don’t let your ego take over.  
  • It is going to be sunny and warm, and we DO NOT have an area to fill up water bottles.  PLEASE bring MORE WATER than you anticipate needing, so you’re staying sufficiently hydrated! Also, wear sunscreen if needed! 
  • Each athlete is set at a designated station.  Please stay exactly where your station is, and do not move things around.  We have stations set based off of distancing guidelines and what each athlete has said they want to do tomorrow. 
  • Angie made 50 INDIVIDUAL BAGS of chalk for each athlete for tomorrow, so no one will have to share.  Your chalk bag must be taken with you when you leave (please), so we don’t have trash laying around. You can use this for future workouts as well! 
  • We have set “in” and “out” routes for running.  Please make sure that you are staying to the RIGHT when running – and sticking to our specific directions so we don’t not have athletes running into each other (again, following distancing guidelines). Think rules of the road friend … pass when needed, and then get back in the right lane!

With all of that being said, here are your individual heats and stations!

JD stamler Heat 1 6am Station 1
Casey Corcoran Heat 1 6am Station 2
Kerry Jones Heat 1 6am Station 3
Tamara L Burgunder Heat 1 6am Station 4
Elyse Hulbert Heat 1 6am Station 5
Joe Mucci Heat 1 6am Station 6
Amy Abrams Heat 1 6am Station 7
Keith Parker Heat 1 6am Station 8
Babett Corcoran Heat 1 6am Station 9
Emily Mucci Heat 1 6am Station 10


Corey Brooks Gaber Heat 2 7:30am Station 1
Reagan Heat 2 7:30am Station 2
John Schropp Heat 2 7:30am Station 3
Eleonora Don-Minevich Heat 2 7:30am Station 4
Matty Skarz Heat 2 7:30am Station 5
Kevin Lynch Heat 2 7:30am Station 6
Angi Heat 2 7:30am Station 7
Marie Brown Heat 2 7:30am Station 8
Karla Peddicord Heat 2 7:30am Station 9
Johanna Schein Heat 2 7:30am Station 10


Kendall Moore Heat 3 9:00am Station 1 (sharing)
Austin mountain Heat 3 9:00am Station 1 (sharing)
Leon fridman Heat 3 9:00am Station 2
David Shapiro Heat 3 9:00am Station 3
Alyssa Zagar Heat 3 9:00am Station 4
Erin Killough Heat 3 9:00am Station 5
Katryna Heat 3 9:00am Station 6
Cynthia Polasko Heat 3 9:00am Station 7
Sandy Martin Heat 3 9:00am Station 8
Arielle Heat 3 9:00am Station 9


Steve Sheldon Heat 4 10:30am Station 1
Chris Pukenas Heat 4 10:30am Station 2
Gergely Heat 4 10:30am Station 3
Pickles Heat 4 10:30am Station 4
Quin Murphy Heat 4 10:30am Station 5
Leeor Heat 4 10:30am Station 6
Kristin Carasiti Heat 4 10:30am Station 7
Sam Fischler Heat 4 10:30am Station 8
Liz glancy Heat 4 10:30am Station 9
Anna T Heat 4 10:30am Station 10


Kristen Giladi Heat 5 12:00pm Station 1
Terri Huffman Heat 5 12:00pm Station 2
Michele Deschu Heat 5 12:00pm Station 3
Avi Heat 5 12:00pm Station 5
Tara Klimovitz Heat 5 12:00pm Station 4
Todd Evans Heat 5 12:00pm Station 6
Laurie Freeman Heat 5 12:00pm Station 7
Mandy Heat 5 12:00pm Station 9
Marge Zagrobelny Heat 5 12:00pm Station 10



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