Neil Andrito
  • Certificates Held: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Running Certificate
  • Likes: My son Joseph (and soon to be daughter)!!!, Snowboarding, Running (and by running I mean Back Squatting)
  • Dislikes: Belly Aching, Cats – gross, Running

Neil Andrito has been a member of our community since he moved to Baltimore in the Fall of 2017.  After being a member for just over a year, the Nevermore Committee of Recognition honored him with the prestigious “Cheerleader of the Year” award in 2018.  This award was the motivation he needed to pursue his CFL1, and begin his coaching journey.  There has been no looking back, and he has found considerable enjoyment from coaching and deepening his involvement within our community.  Neil is a soft-spoken coach who enjoys crocheting (well half of that statement is true).  When he is not at the gym he is probably at home with his family, and on one or two weekends a year, he may have escaped the unbearable heat of Baltimore, for the soothing cool and snow-covered mountains up north for a snowboarding trip with close friends.    Neil says, “I hate running, love heavy barbells, enjoy KB work, and always want to help those around me find success!  UUUUPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!”