Nevermore Updates: Zoom Class Schedule, Resilience Challenge, Parental Support and SO MUCH MORE!

Hey Everyone!


We figured we could update everyone in regards to what is going on at Nevermore, so you can participate in as much of it as your heart desires (we hope it’s most of it)!

First order of business: BILLING


  • A good number of you were on our Bright Spot Friday LIVE Zoom call on Friday … and some of you have been lucky enough to be our test subjects for Zoom Classes over the last few days.  Well, we’re ready to release it to the masses!!  Here is our FULL list of Zoom based classes and events, each week (and the links to join specific classes are below the graphic):

To join a class, click the link below (you should set up your free account in advance) for the specific class you’re joining, turn your video on, and you should be good to go!  Make sure you review the workout in advance and you have the items you’ll needed for the entire class.

Tips and Tricks for Zoom Classes:

  • Log on slightly before the class begins so we have a good idea of how many people we’ll be Zoom coaching!
  • It can be slightly difficult for you to hear  the Coach if you’re outside, or far away from your computer.  If you can, hook whatever device you’re using up to a TV or a bluetooth speaker and that will help you hear better on your end.
  • Don’t stream music from the same device you have Zoom running on … it will very likely freeze the program on you.
  • If you do choose to have music on in the background for the MetCon piece of class, don’t blast it near the device you’re using to Zoom on (for the courtesy of others).
  • Ask all of the same questions you would in class 🙂 that’s what we’re there for!!


  • This FREE 6-Week Challenge is built for you, your family & friends – and all of or community – to help us focus on the things we CAN CONTROL right now.  While there is so much uncertainty around us, we want to help bring some control to you and your life.
  • For six weeks, you’ll be focusing on items to help improve YOUR mindset, immune system/nutrition, and fitness.  The challenge will be catered to each individual participant – and we’re REALLY EXCITED about it!



Fourth order of business: PARENTAL SUPPORT AND TUTORS

We have had many Nevermore members who are (and were) teachers who are ready and willing to help the parents of Nevermore with all things tutor / teaching / homeschooling, etc. Below are two forms, one for parents who need help with certain items for their kids – and one for teachers who are willing to help. Please fill out any and all that apply to you :).

If you have questions, you can also email Kristin at



Thank you, so much, for sticking by us through this time – remember to continue supporting small local businesses, as you can, with delivery and curb-side pick-up.

Everyone stay safe, stay healthy … stay home as you can.  Thank you to all of our members who are out on the front lines, and don’t have the option to be home – we recognize the work you’re putting in, and are grateful for you.