To Rx or Not Rx

So, as coaches, we’ve been really focusing on the “why”. Why do we do this stretch? Why keep that bar so close to our body?

But we also want to emphasize “why” we are doing a certain workout, or, the “intent” of a workout. So, when thinking about what weights to use, consider the intent of a workout. Is it supposed to be a fast workout? A total burner in 9 minutes? Or more of a hybrid? Usually, the coach will say that something like “you should be able to rep out “x” amount of reps per set”…and you can always ask this when setting your goals.

We know you can get that RX weight over your head! But, will you still get the intent of a real quick 9 minute AMRAP, if you are only completing 1 rep/minute?

This does NOT mean don’t challenge yourself! Lift heavier weights! Run faster! But think about these goals within the context of a workout, as well as individually. Think about setting a goal for each workout, with the “why” of that workout in mind. And remember, it’s not all or nothing! You can RX some movements, but not all of them.

I promise, you set those goals, you will be challenged, you will get a great workout, and you will improve your fitness, whether you RX or not.