“A lot of you already know my story. And some of you don’t. But this transformation story will not be just about my weight loss but so much more.

The girl on the left is new to Maryland, and shortly before she really started CrossFit, she had dabbled. She has zero self-confidence. Constantly upset and obsessed with her weight. Unsure about who she is, where to go, what to be. Just started grad school. Riddled with anxiety. She was loud all the time, but actually really timid. She also had little self-worth.

The rest of the story is about what today is called TRANSFORMATION.

You see, I have been through a lot of phases. I have lost weight for sure. But what I have gained is more than that.

A new perspective. Respect for myself and my body. Self-confidence. I learned how to stick up for myself. Have real conversations. I have worked on my relationships, confronted things head on, and learned about myself. I have cried, a lot. I have gone back to the girl I was (she is always part of me) and lost confidence, but then learned ways to bounce back.  I have worked REALLY hard.

I have done paleo, WHOLE30, counted my macros, RP, and everything in between. The top right photo is when I was training really hard and really focused on my diet.  I broke free from the restrictions of certain diets. I have fluctuated in weight. I have dealt with past injuries from gymnastics and soccer. The bottom right photo is this summer, after taking time off to deal with an injury, but still mindful of my eating. I have been to the gym 7 times a week at times, and only 1 time  a week at times. I have transformed. In different ways.

But there is no short cut. I have tried (way back when), diet pills, diet drinks, meal replacements. Those didn’t work either. I have taken my diet SUPER seriously, and I have at times just aimed to eat healthy.

I have dealt with depression, anxiety, loss, and more. Much like everyone else. I have it change me, sometimes for worse (for a short period of time) and then always for better. I have met people I never thought I would consider family. I have stayed in Maryland longer than I EVER thought I would. I have finished school and changed jobs.

What’s my point?

Change. Is. NOT. Linear.

I have weighed less than I do now, and (IMO) looked better. But I have been in worse spots mentally too. I am constantly evolving, and so are you.

Fitness and health is a journey. I have gained so much more than just a better number on the scale. I have gained a new MINDSET, a better and loving view of myself (I am damn proud of what I can do), and a great understanding of hard work.

I am always looking to improve as well. How can I be a better person? How can I give back what I have gained to others? This is why I coach the way I do. I want people to push outside their comfort. To walk away feeling accomplished. To do the maximum of what they came in to do. To surprise themselves. Not to come in and half-ass a workout, or not pay attention.

This is my “story” and it’s still changing. I am putting in work so that it changes. It won’t always be a straight line up, but it is always improving. Thank you for listening.”

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