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Nevermore CrossFit is located at Bare Hills Racquet & Fitness Club located off of Falls Rd. inside the Beltway, two miles north of the city line. So, that’s WHERE we are, but that’s not WHO we are.

You may have heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: Forget what you think or know about a gym. We are not a gym. Sure, we pick things up and put things down, but there aren’t any mirrors to admire yourself. There aren’t TVs to catch the scores in between a set of reps. There aren’t people glaring at you to hurry and finish so they can get their reps in. And there are no machines except for one: the rowing machines (no, you can’t read a magazine while using it).

  • Was it because the former Division 1 athlete in the office was sipping Progenex after every workout?
  • Was it because you just knew the brand new brand-name equipment was going to make you fit?
  • Was it because you could score a 3-gyms-for-1-rate membership?
  • Or was it because you were tired of the same old routine?
  • Because the brand new brand-name equipment was never available or you weren’t sure how the hell to use it in the first place?
  • Because the rate you were paying didn’t matter…it was too damned much because you never used the membership anyway?
  • Because intimidation trumped motivation?
  • Because you looked the same as you did this time last year?
  • Because, dammit, you have a competitive fire that still burns and it still feels good to get after it!?
  • Because you want to look good naked, for goodness sake?

I know what bells went off in my head the first time I stepped foot into a CrossFit box. I vividly remember the feelings of anticipation and anxiety, followed by exertion and effort, then exhaustion, accomplishment, joy. Followed once again by anticipation.

All from a 15 minute workout. With a few amazing people. On some used equipment. In an old beer warehouse.

I get fired up to re-live those emotions. It keeps me coming back to my CrossFit digs day in and day out and it fills me with enthusiasm every time I load up a barbell or chalk my hands or devise a WOD that is just plain devious or witness one of our athletes who thought they had no business walking through our doors in the first place get through all of this crazy shit. You cannot imagine how amped I am to help others break down barriers!

Here’s what is here. Camaraderie and support. Our staff (and our members) are here for you.

To challenge and push you to do what you thought you couldn’t. To teach you the movements, the proper form, and how to best scale the exercises for you. To guide you on your fitness journey with nutritional and real-world, healthy living advice to help you achieve your goals. Plus some friendly competition, positive attitudes, fun times, and lots and lots of sweat. And that noise you’ll hear. That’s people cheering you on, encouraging you to finish. And high fives and pats on the back when you’re done.

When was the last time you heard THAT at a gym?

As I contemplate where I started, where I am now, how we are evolving as a community, I recall some of CrossFit’s foundational core values

As Coach Greg Glassman says, “There is greater potential for serious strength and conditioning in a two-car garage than nearly all commercial health clubs or gyms.”

Russell Green, a Level One Certified Trainer who competed in both the 2007 and 2008 CrossFit Games had an article published in the CrossFit Journal in 2008…a time when these core values were apparent everywhere within the community. Among other things, he wrote, “Fitness institutions do not have a monopoly on truth or effective programming. In fact, their bureaucratic organizational structure impedes their efficacy by limiting their experimentation and adaptation.”

“Contrary to CrossFit, American society is more concerned with appearing a certain way than with being that way. It is image-oriented rather than performance oriented. This approach doesn’t cut it with CrossFit.”

“CrossFit has shown us that a small group of passionate people can change the world.”
These quotes remind us that from the beginning, CrossFit has been a philosophical movement as well as a fitness program.

I feel compelled to add my 2 cents to that philosophy. I want to make a promise…to my existing family of athletes, to potential members, to anyone who walks through our doors with a desire to commit, work hard and change:

I promise that…

  • I will know your name.
  • I will not only know why you walked through our doors, I will find out why it took so long, or what keeps you coming back.
  • I will not accept your money if you are not active in achieving results.
  • You will establish friendships and relationships that will make you want to be better…at whatever you face.
  • You will never feel too intimidated to expand your boundaries.
  • Your experience with CrossFit will be true to its core values…community, determination, generosity, passion, humility.
  • You will hurt, but you will grow and it will make you feel invincible.

One final quote from John Wesley, a cleric and theologian, that was used by HQ on the old CrossFit site above one of the WODs…It is especially appropriate to CrossFit trainers: “Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn.”

This is my landscape…This is our landscape at Nevermore CrossFit. To me, CrossFit is not a commodity. It is not a sign that you hang on your building. It is not a certification you tout on your bio. It is not a business. It is a culture…a community…a shared experience each and every day that has the odd effect of bringing us closer together and opening eyes and forging not just elite fitness, but elite people.

It may be a fact that the landscape is changing. But we are not. We are rock solid.

A Little More About Our Facility

  • One-on-one Foundations
  • CrossFit-versed, on-site Physical Therapy
  • 10:1 Athlete-to-Coach ratio with a largely Built-from-within Staff
  • Month-to-month commitment
  • Amenities that include Showers, Locker Room w/ Steam Room and Sauna, Towel Service & Child Care
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fleet of 12 Ergs & 6 Air Bikes
  • Rogue Rig
  • Lifting Platforms and Blocks
  • CrossFit Kids Program
  • Diverse Specialty Programs
  • Nutrition Program with Gold-standard Body Composition Analysis
We are here to help you achieve your goals.
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