Barbell Betty’s

Barbell Betty’s is a program written for women to increase their strength, and to help build a foundation to aid in CrossFit and in life. This basis of strength will translate to better performance overall, but building strength takes longer to improve than skill work, here we slow it down, break it up, and focus on just that. The program focuses on three major powerlifts, while also working on accessory work that is paired with these movements. This is a lifting program, designed to be done with purpose and quality, not quantity or speed. This program can help anyone start building a strength foundation, or add onto an existing, or help someone who needs to slow it down and work on form in a more controlled setting that isn’t a timed workout. Core stregnth is the foundation of CrossFit and starts with these lifts. This program is designed to be done in conjunction with CrossFit, but could stand alone. This program is 6 weeks, and will focus on the deadlift, the back squat and the strict press. There will be one meeting session (typically Sundays) that will last 1.5-2 hours long, and two lifts, with accessory work to be performed. The third lift will be assigned as “homework” to be completed before the next meeting session. Video analysis is available for homework. Ladies will be working off of percentages, so knowing a max going into the program will be helpful, and shows this program can be tailored to anyone. The accessory work given will also focus on movements to aid with pull-ups, as well as core and glute work. Many of our females have goals of getting a pull-up, unassisted and this program will only compliment that goal. Having a strong core is helpful not only with our lifts, but our gymnastics, as well as helping to prevent injuries.  Coach KP will be available at least one additional time per week to follow up on homework, give pointers, and assist with lifts. At the end of the 6 week cycle, we will have a powerlifting meet, to max-out these lifts and test our new strengths!



Sunday January 7th 9-11am

Wednesday (make-up) January 17th 6:30-8:30pm

Sunday January 21st 9-11am

Sunday January 28th 9-11am

Sunday February 4th 9-11am

Sunday February 11th 9-11am

Sunday February 18th– Powerlifting Meet!


Who: Coach KP and 12 spots available for the ladies


Cost: $179

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