Emily Mucci – Director of Client Services
  • Certificates Held: Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Level 2
  • Likes: Travel, Cooking, Dark chocolate
  • Dislikes: Getting stuck in traffic, Tuna salad, People who are mean to animals

Originally from New Jersey, Emily tried CrossFit at the encouragement of her then-boyfriend, now husband, prior to their move to Baltimore. Emily definitely was NOT hooked after that first class but was intrigued and needed to find a fitness regime that she could stick to. After her move to Baltimore (and subsequent choice of the rental property based on proximity to the gym), she fell in love with CrossFit and the crew at Nevermore (formerly Coppermine CrossFit).

Emily loves the way the programming is varied and exciting and feels a sense of pride and accomplishment when she’s tried something new, hit a PR, or just made it in for a great workout even if she was dragging her feet!

As a former teacher by profession, Emily wanted to become even more involved at Nevermore, and in August 2014, I got her Level 1 Certificate to teach CrossFit. Emily says, “Coaching CrossFit made me love the sport even more, and it encourages me to challenge myself. I’ve since attained my Level Two Certificate in 2019 to increase my knowledge of fitness and share that love with others. You’ll most likely find me WODing or coaching in the mornings. My athletes would say the best part about my coaching is my music choices are always on point! My favorite lifts are cleans and deadlifts, and my least favorite things to do in a WOD is burpees or running. And I’m always game for a happy hour or some yummy baked goods. Come join this awesome community! You won’t regret it.”