Intramural Open 22.3- AND FINAL TEAM RESULTS!

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THE OPEN HAS COME AND GONE! Three weeks of grueling workouts, awesome accomplishments, phenomenal community support and REALLY fun Thursday Throwdowns and Friday Night Lights! This community has, once again, shown up to be EXACTLY what we hoped it would be – competitive, motivating, creative and FUN.

BIG should out to the Intramural Team Captains this year; Sarah Howell, Erik Bell, Mike Morgan and Stacy Reynolds, for having such epic Spirit for the Open, and getting year teams up and running – and cheering the entire 3 weeks! It would NOT have been the same without you!

In addition, HUGE thanks to Coach Kat for running Friday Night Lights, all three weeks, like a CHAMP – those Emcee skills are like NO OTHER, and we appreciate you being on the mic and holding down the fort each week! Also, big shout out to all of out Thursday Throwndown Coach and Member participants, each week. This was a brand new attempt for us, and it worked out SO WELL. Every was high, trash talk was epic, and camaraderie was also high.

NOW – what we’ve ALL been waiting for … the MOMENT OF TRUTH, after THREE WEEKS of THE OPEN! Here are the FINAL INTRAMURAL OPEN STANDINGS for 2022! Congrats to ALL of the teams, and team members – but WAY TO GO for this year’s WINNERS, “THE INCREDIBELLS”!!! (Click the images below for larger, clearer images!)

One more BIG shout out to all of our additional point earners this, and every week! Way to bring the Individual Spirit, Team Spirit, and Top Athlete points each week!


While most of us are DONE with all things Open, we will likely have some people in the gym community continue on for the The Age Group Online Qualifiers, which is a BIG DEAL! These badass athletes will throwdown another few workouts to attempt to make it to the NEXT LEVEL and get one step closer to THE GAMES. You can read more about the AGOQ here:

We’ll be keeping the community updated on the AGOQ workouts, and hope that you guys will come in and cheer for the athletes who will be pushing to grind out these workouts when they’re announced too!

Again, congrats to everyone, and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this community – it means more than you know!