Nevermore COVID-19 Updates: Gym Closing & Equipment Rental!
Due to the executive order put in place by Governor Hogan today, March 16th, all gyms are shut down as of 5pm today. In an effort to keep everyone moving, healthy and engaged in our awesome community, we will be offering rental of equipment for our members.
***Also, if you have knee sleeves and items here, now may be a good time to come grab them for washing ***
By renting the equipment you are agreeing to bring it back as it was taken.  If anything is broken, not taken care of or ruined in any way, you will pay the retail price for the item upon return.
From 12pm-3pm today, members can come in FOR OPEN GYM and to do today’s workout, and will also have the availability to check out the following rental equipment:
ONE of the following:
  • Pair of dumbbells
  • A single kettlebell
  • A single wallball
  • A single slam ball
In addition, members can also rent ONE of the following (first come, first served):
  • A jump rope
  • An ab mat
  • A foam roller
The gym will close promptly at 3pm!
Rest assured, Nevermore will be providing you with lots of amazing things we’ve been preparing for you over the course of the last 2 weeks:
  • Leveled Out At-Home Programming
  • Yoga & Mobility Classes and Information
  • Level Method Resiliency Challenge (featuring a 30-Day Mindset Challenge!)
  • Nutrition and Recipes
We’re going to be connecting as a community every day to share our results, cheer each other on, and before we know it we’ll be back in action in the gym – and still be fit as ever! Don’t let this be a time to bring you down. Remember, we’re all here as a community and will continue to support one another through this uneasy time.
I’ve been in touch with Kevin and Angie, and they are headed back now. Kevin will send an announcement on his behalf to the community later today.