Pregnancy and CrossFit
We currently have some pregnant women! So if you’re wondering, currently pregnant, planning on getting pregnant, or just want to read about it!  “is it safe to CrossFit while pregnant?” or have noticed many of our ladies scaling certain movements.
Most importantly, it is perfectly safe to CrossFit while being pregnant, especially since all of these ladies have been doing Crossfit for some time before their pregnancy! It is not only healthy for the mother to continue to exercise, but also for the baby! Of course, the woman goes through many changes as pregnancy goes on, which is why you might see ladies scaling movements for not only the safety of themselves and the baby, but also for comfortability of the body.
Here are just SOME facts about pregnancy and working out-
  • Woman who exercise during pregnancy:
    • Have less complicated and intense labor
    • Have less weight gain and fat deposits
    • Recover easier post partum
    • Have higher energy levels
  • Babies of moms who exercise:
    • Cope with stress of birth better
    • Sleep through the night sooner
    • Tend to be more healthy at birth and in childhood
    • Self-calm better
These are just a few of the benefits to the mothers and their babies from exercising. Of course the intensity is dulled down, and these women are listening to their bodies. But we should all give them credit for continuing to keep themselves and their littles ones healthy!

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