12 Days Until 12 Days – Day 1: Burpee / Bodybuilder Challenge

The Rules / Info:

From December 7th until December 19th, we will be posting a mini-CrossFit (or Nevermore related) Challenge each day. The challenge will be posted on the blog 10PM the night before. You will have from 6AM until the new challenge posts at 10PM to complete and log the challenge as needed.

All challenges can be completed by our athletes in the gym or at home.

Each challenge will have a certain number of tickets you will be able to earn, for completing or winning the challenge!  Those tickets will go towards prizes you can enter for. The winner for the prizes will be announced Wednesday, December 23rd!

Prizes Include:

  • 3- 30 min. Personal Training Sessions with Steve
  • 3- 30 min Mobility Sessions for you and 2 friends with Kristin
  • A nutrition consultation & 1 month of Nutrition with KP
  • A 1 Hour Massage with Angie


Today, to receive tickets – you will complete 50 Burpees (Overall- Blue levels and up) or 50 Bodybuilders (Overall- Orange and Down) FOR TIME! 

Rules and How To Log / Get Extra Tickets:

  • Everyone MUST submit a video (On the Community Facebook page, or email it to kristin@nevermorecrossfit.com) –
    • You earn 1 ticket for completing the challenge
  • Everyone MUST log their time in the Chalk It Pro “Burpee / Bodybuilder Challenge” log when they’re done
    • There will be one log for BURPEES and a separate one for BODYBUILDERS!
  • 2 Winners will get 3 EXTRA “Tickets” Each
    • Burpee Winner / Best Time: Blue and Above
    • Bodybuilder Winner / Best Time: Orange and Below
  • OPTIONAL- Earn 2 EXTRA tickets:
    • Everyone who posts the video to their public Facebook page and tags @NevermoreCrossFit with the hashtag #12daysofNevermore or their Instagram page and tags @Nevermore_Wellness with the hashtag  #12daysofNevermore.