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Your Body’s Changed, Your Fitness Can Too (In a Healthy, Empowering Way)

Led by Emma Hensley, a Certified Girls Gone Strong Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Specialist, our experienced staff provides personalized attention and comprehensive wellness plans tailored to meet the individual needs of new and expectant moms.

Whether you’re looking to regain strength, mobility, or simply maintain a nutrient-rich diet, our coaching services are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and effective manner.

From customized exercise plans to expert guidance on core strength and pelvic floor health, our team at Nevermore Wellness is here to support you every step of the way.

Safe, Effective Workouts for Every Stage of Motherhood.

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Pre and Postnatal Fitness Coaching
Certified Pre and Postnatal Coaching Specialist

Meet Coach Emma

“As a certified pre and postnatal coach, I help pregnant and postnatal women stay safe, healthy, and strong throughout their pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

I have firsthand experience working out through the duration of pregnancy as well as postpartum recovery, including cesarean section births.

Like all other athletes in the gym, I help these women achieve their goals in a fun and safe environment.

I make sure to keep pre & postnatal athletes integrated in the group dynamic. This can help women feel empowered and great about their body, as well as what it can do while they are going through changes physically, psychologically, and hormonally.

Having pre & postnatal athletes engaged in classes earns them immense respect. It is inspiring to see these women growing humans and still have the physical and mental capacity to move and workout. It is also a good reminder for other members, that even on tough days, we can still scale accordingly and train well. And having these pregnant athletes remain in group classes sets a powerful precedent.”

What our members are saying…

“Great gym, knowledgeable coaches, and a positive community of athletes. Everyone is friendly, supportive & encouraging. As a woman, I feel empowered and strong doing Crossfit. The workouts always kick your butt and you can’t help but come back for more pain & gain!”


Nevermore is my home away from home but with barbells, wall balls, and rowers. I am genuinely supported by an amazing group of dedicated coaches and encouraged by top athletes and newbies alike. I have been with Nevermore for 8 years, and it’s the most rewarding relationship with a “business” I’ve had. I am inspired and awed by the physical and mental toughness in the room and humbled by the earnest efforts of every participant, whether outside in 30 degrees or on rep 75 of a partner workout. There is nowhere I would prefer to laugh, move sweat, cry, and grow.

Katryna A.

“I was so nervous about starting CrossFit since I have never done any sort of work out remotely like it before. But the staff and community are so welcoming and helpful! The workouts are constantly changing so I never get bored (a common problem for me with other workouts I have tried) and it is so fun seeing real results in a pretty short period of time!”

Ariella S.

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Our coaches work to build human connections through fitness that encourages fun, inspires action, and realizes your TRUE potential.

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